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Mirna Alaisami

Mirna Alaisami

Novatec Consulting

Mirna Alaisami is a Consultant at Novatec Consulting GmbH with focus on Cloud Technologies and Platforms. She supports and advises customers on building cloud architectures and migrating to various cloud platforms. She also develops and delivers training topics related to microservice development and CI/CD with the technology stacks of Spring Boot, Docker, Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry.

Prior to that, she worked for 3 years as a software developer with various languages and web-focused frameworks such as Java, JavaScript, PHP and Angular.

In addition to her role as a consultant, she actively blogs for Novatec, supports meetups and user groups, has been guest lecturer at different universities around Stuttgart, and speaker at various conferences and meetups (such as Cloud Foundry Summit EU/NA, Cloud Foundry Meetups, IT-Tage Frankfurt, Frankfurter Entwicklertag).

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