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Maciej Walkowiak

Troubleshooting Spring Boot applications with Sentry

Maciej Walkowiak

Do you hate browsing jungle of logs to find errors and especially context why they happened? Me too. There are better ways! With Sentry and its Spring Boot integration, you get all the context you need to address bugs and performance issues in no time. It’s open source & free. No strings attached.

No matter how clean our code is, how good our tests are, how well our infrastructure scales - one day, eventually something will go wrong in production. Bugs and outages cases customer to lose trust and cost real money. Our job is to identify and fix the issue as quickly as possible. In this session, we will have a look at Sentry - an open source troubleshooting and application monitoring solution - and its seamless integration with Spring Boot. We will learn the benefits of treating errors as contextual events and how exception reporting and performance monitoring in a single tool simplify addressing production issues.

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