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Tim Zöller

Thoughts about layered architecture – Mapping efficiently with SQL

Tim Zöller - lambdaschmiede GmbH

In enterprise contexts, developers are often taught that we need to decouple our application layers and create reusable access methods for our data – but is that really true? Join me to find out how to write less code and create fast & easily maintainable software with Spring Data Projections.

Software that has multiple domains needs code which maps between them. The reasoning behind this is, that domains have to be decoupled from each other. This is especially important in layered architecture, a style that is widely used in todays’ software projects. Having layers in the application – usually a persistence layer, an application layer and a presentation layer – enforces separation of concerns and decouples the data models from each other. But: does it really?

In this session I will share some thoughts on the up- and downsides of layered architecture, boilerplate code, a common JPA antipattern, why “decoupled classes” do not mean “decoupled data” and how we could make our lives easier, if we let the database do what it does best: Transforming data.

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