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Peter-Josef Meisch

Next Level Elasticsearch Integration with Spring Data Elasticsearch

Peter-Josef Meisch - Codecentric

Using old versions of Elasticsearch, no support for current client technologies, manual query and response customizations, incomplete features and bugs — that was the state of the Spring Data Elasticsearch project in recent versions.

After major internal rewritings, the brand new released version 4.0 now makes data access in Spring Data Elasticsearch as easy as it is in other Spring Data modules.

From the network configuration of the client to repository methods getting highlight information, from the definition of the data to store in Elasticsearch to geo distance calculations and auditing: In this talk I will show how the user can implement all this without needing to know the gory details of communicating with Elasticsearch.

I explain where and why we have breaking changes to the existing API, and show how Spring Data Elasticsearch provides the user with the technology to seamlessly integrate Elasticsearch into her Spring application.

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