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Filip Hrisafov and Joram Barrez

Filip Hrisafov and Joram Barrez

Building an enterprise product on top of Spring Boot: a real-life testimony from Flowable

Filip Hrisafov and Joram Barrez - Flowable

A wide variety of customers use Flowable in ways we never could imagine, confronting us with new requirements every day. Can we deploy your application to Tomcat, Jetty, JBoss, standalone JAR, Kubernetes, Docker, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud? How do we connect it to our Database? How can we change the task execution pool? Can we use OAuth2, LDAP? How about our own inhouse custom security? Can we change …?

We will show you how we have managed to leverage the power of the Spring Ecosystem to provide answers to all these questions and speed up our development efforts, while still maintaining a vibrant open-source community.

Spring Boot has enabled countless developers around the world to more easily create new applications. Its opinionated approach allows developers to focus on the business value to their customers instead of fiddling with infrastructure details and how to configure the application.

At Flowable we decided to build our enterprise Workflow management platform on top of the Spring (Boot) Ecosystem. This allows us to fully focus on bringing our business value to our customers and stand on the shoulders of Spring for many of the requirements expected from an enterprise application.

In this talk, we will present how we are leveraging different parts of the Spring ecosystem to build a robust Workflow management platform for our customers, and even enable them to build their own solutions for their own customers.

We will show how we rely on Spring Core, Spring Kafka, Spring AMQP and Spring Integration to provide dynamic event processing configurations. How we use Spring Security to allow different types of authentication (LDAP, OAuth2, Basic Auth) and even support custom authentications by allowing customers to only use Spring APIs. Finally, we will show how we use Spring Boot to make it easy for our customers to start creating their applications, without the need to wire things together.

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