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Brian Clozel

Stéphane Nicoll

Ahead Of Time and Native in Spring Boot 3.0

Brian Clozel and Stéphane Nicoll - VMware

Ahead Of Time and Native is a major topic for the upcoming Spring major releases. With this talk, you’ll get a complete tour of the AOT efforts and a glimpse at future developments.

After a successful experimental phase with the Spring Native project, the Spring team is bringing Ahead Of Time (AOT) support to Spring. The goal here is to enable GraalVM native use cases and improve JVM efficiency.

During this talk, Stéphane and Brian will discuss the state of the AOT theme in Spring Framework 6.0-M4 and Spring Boot 3.0-M3:

- The design of the AOT engine
- How this new infrastructure can be used by libraries
- What to expect as an application developer

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