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Tom Hombergs

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Lines of Code - Continuous Visualization of Your Spring Boot Architecture

Tom Hombergs - Atlassian

How often do we find ourselves in a position where we need to understand an existing codebase? Every time we want to add a new feature, investigate an incident, or fix a bug, we need to get a picture of what the code is doing.

What do we do when we’re trying to understand a codebase? We draw boxes and lines on a piece of paper, a whiteboard, or, if we’re serious, in a wiki.

But these diagrams don’t age well. Even if a diagram survives the next office cleaning, chances are that it’s lying. The code has evolved. The diagram hasn’t.

What if we had a way of creating diagrams from a Spring Boot application codebase with each CI build?

This talk discusses the need for visual documentation of software architecture in general and presents a way of continuously creating self-updating, visual documentation from a Spring Boot-based codebase. Don’t let your diagrams lie to you!

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